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About Dundee

Dundee on Scotland’s East coast is our fourth largest city as well as being the sunniest!

It is also closer to the countryside then any other Scottish city.


Famous for “Jute Jam and Journalism” Dundee has much to offer the visitor.

It is a perfect destination for a city break with great shopping, galleries, and restaurants as well as some fascinating attractions for families.

Dundee is also well placed as a base from which to explore the wider area.

Desperate Dan Statue Dundee

The Jam?


In 1797 Janet Keiller who, when faced with a consignment of unwanted bitter Spanish oranges that her husband had bought, came up with the idea of making Marmalade. It is believe that this was the first commercially produced marmalade. It proved very popular and was soon being shipped around the world.

RRS Discovery Dundee

Why Jute Jam and Journalism?

Dundee is the home to journalism group D.C.Thomson & Co the publishers of familiar titles such as The Sunday Post  and the Beano. You can see statues of Desperate Dan and Minnie the Mix in Dundee City Center.

James Keiller Marmalade Dundee

The Jute?

At one time Dundee was known as Juteopols. The products made from the jute which was imported from India were in great demand sacking, ropes, aprons, carpets, tents, sale cloth to name but a few.  Visit the Verdant Works to find out more. Dundee has a strong maritime tradition thanks to its position on the Firth of Tay and at one time was the premiere British whaling port. The whale oil was needed to soften the jute during processing.

The Port thrived and many ships were built here in Dundee. One was Captain Scott’s ship the RRS Discovery. The ship is now moored at Discovery point, where you can explore the ship and find out what life was like on board.


The Tay Rail Bridge is an iconic image of Dundee. In 1879 the bridge collapsed as a train was crossing killing all aboard. The replacement bridge opened in 1887 and is still in use today.

Alberta Guest House is in the heart of golf country. Thirty minutes away from the home of golf at St Andrews, Carnoustie is eleven miles away and within the hour you can be in Gleneagles.

Many local courses, two within ten minutes, offer facilities for visitors.

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Golfing in Dundee

Today Dundee is a Unesco city of design, has two Universities, Dundee and Abbertay as well as two Football teams.

Biomedical, biochemical and biotechnical industries form a modern industrial base. Dundee accounts for 10% of the UK’s digital entertainment industry.

A £1 billion re development of the Waterfront is well underway with the new Victoria and Albert museum due to open in 2018.

Why don’t you come and see for yourself?

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